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Training courses for certifications


Get certified and in-house your HR management solutions

The accreditations are essential for an optimal use to our solutions and to ensure compliance with our ethical principles.

Our certifications are affordable, and can be achieved in a timely manner.

The accreditation is delivered following a training course and according to your results.

Presented by a team of qualified HR professionals, our training courses allow future users to:

  • discover and understand the theoretical elements of the PerformanSe model

  • learn to interpret the results in an in-depth manner

  • discuss complex case studies with experts

  • be independent in the use of our solutions.

Depending on the solution, URiseUp offers classroom-based training (inter or intra company), or remote training (digital modules and virtual class). 

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Are you a HR firm, consulting firm or independent coach willing to expand your network and solution offerings? Become a partner. Give us a call today.

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