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The predictive powers of a business frame of reference depend on the consideration of specific skills intrinsic to each professional environment. While experiential requirements and theoretical skills are taken into account in the skill frames of reference, the same cannot be said for behavioural conditions. This subject is nonetheless an important element of the ‘skill’ concept as well as a key factor for success and professional development.

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Create your company referential

PERF TALENTS allows simple, quick and reliable construction of your behavioural skill frame of reference, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your company.
You use our library to select the behavioural skills for your frame of reference in line with the various types of behaviour expected and desired in your company, and you set your level of expectation for each skill.

> Assess your candidates / employees in terms of your company’s expectations.

> Verify the suitability of candidates in view of the expected criteria for a position.

> Measure the disparities between the expectations and the appraisee’s potential , in an effort to implement appropriate action plans.

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